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Posted by uscsjp on August 3, 2017


Our last LA gathering was deeply informative thanks to Paula Kahn’s report from her month in Israel-Palestine. Join us on Monday, August 14th to hear more from Paula and about our new campaign to divest from the War Machine!  We will plan a few visits to Congress members’ town halls to assert they vote NO on the enormous increase in military spending.

 When: August 14th from 5:30 to 7pm

Where: RSVP below for address in Venice

Save the Date! 2nd Annual LA  Harbor Peace Week 2017 August 29th-September 3rd

We will be teaming up with some incredible organizations like Veterans for Peace, #BernersAgainstMilitarism, Occupy Torrance/South Bay, SoCal 350 Climate Action, and more, for a week of peace in San Pedro! As a direct response to the annual Fleet Week, we want to build & celebrate local peace economies to ensure that our communities are putting social needs over militaristic greed.


Please join the CODEPINK LA Facebook Group, where all members can mobilize/coordinate for upcoming events! It’s a great tool for us to organize together! Add your friends too!

We look forward to growing a local peace economy with you!

In solidarity,

Claudine, Jodie, Mariana, Mary, Paula, Susan and Taylor

PS.  Join us in Northern California for our Sonoma Peace Camp!  


August 14, 2017 at 5:30pm – 7pm



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US Campaign for Palestinian Rights: “a game-changer”

Posted by uscsjp on February 21, 2017

Be a game-changer.

Post this alert on Facebook and Twitter.

This is big. Two weeks ago, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights staff spearheaded a letter to NFL players planning to attend an Israeli government-sponsored propaganda trip to Israel, urging the players to cancel. The next day, former Super Bowl star Michael Bennett boldly proclaimed “I’m not going to Israel” in a tweet along with a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr with Stokely Carmichael. Then, one by one, other players publicly cancelled with him. Of the 11 players initially slated to go, 6 athletes skipped the trip! 

This is a game-changer on so many levels.

Never before have we seen U.S. sports players on this scale engaged in the boycott of Israel’s propaganda efforts. We remember that the sporting boycott of South Africa played a critical role in de-normalizing apartheid by impacting the country where it would be felt most — teams and athletes refused to compete with the apartheid state in cricket, rugby, soccer, many other sports, and the Olympics. The Palestinian call for the cultural and academic boycott of Israel includes the sports boycott as an extremely effective instrument of change.

The US Campaign was proud to be behind this monumental sports boycott milestone in the US. Will you stand alongside us as we pursue more powerful campaigns for justice? 

Never before have we seen so many celebrities take a stand at once and so explicitly in political opposition to Israeli oppression. While many cultural figures have cancelled trips to Israel, Michael Bennett issued a letter quoting 1968 Olympian John Carlos: “‘There is no partial commitment to justice. You are either in or you’re out.’ Well,” Bennet wrote, “I’m in.” He expressed his desire to visit with Palestinians and be a “voice for the voiceless” in accordance with his own conscience and values. We are reminded of the cultural figures who, one after the other, announced proudly and publicly that they would not perform in South Africa, likewise garnering massive support for the anti-apartheid movement and speeding the fall of that regime.

Following Bennett’s cancellation, we mobilized a second letter to thank him, showing how many have his back in the face of predictable backlash. Will you have our back now as we continue this critical organizing that is more necessary than ever? 

Our letter urging cancellation carried historic weight from signatories like Civil Rights icons Angela Davis and Alice Walker; performance stars Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and Boots Riley; famed athletes John Carlos and Craig Hodges; Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza; and Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow; among others. Like these signatories, many athletes who skipped the trip are outspoken social justice activists now making the connections between Black and Palestinian liberation.

This past month we’ve been slammed with ever-present reminders of the steep path ahead in achieving justice for communities targeted by state violence. It has never been clearer that change will not come from the top — We need effective grassroots campaigns that shift the power and conversation in support of freedom, justice, and equality. 

The US Campaign is there, day after day, night after night — often behind the scenes — organizing game-changing campaigns to build cross-movement connections and achieve milestones once unimaginable. We can only do it with people like you by our side. Be a part of more game-changing milestones for Palestinian rights with an investment in the US Campaign today.

With gratitude,


Director of Organizing & Advocacy



Director of Grassroots Organizing

P.S. The trip cancellations spurred more than 75 major media hits, including in ESPN, Newsweek, Yahoo! News, Associated Press, Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, BET, and NBC Sports, informing tens of millions of people worldwide — including many audiences that do not normally hear about the injustice being done to Palestinians — about Israel’s propaganda efforts to whitewash its war crimes. Help reach these heights again and again with a $75 donation today — one for every media hit. Every donation amount, big or small, helps us take this work further.

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VETO AB 2844 – CodePink

Posted by uscsjp on September 4, 2016

Dear Governor Brown,

We urge you to veto AB 2844, an unconstitutional and costly attack on Californians’ free speech and the movement for Palestinian human rights.

AB 2844 chills free speech by falsely associating legal and time-honored boycotts for human rights with unlawful discrimination, and by creating a vague new crime in the process. The bill could cost California taxpayers over $140 million (Department of Finance estimate) and unknown additional sums for fielding complaints and lawsuits.

Although the title and some of the content of AB 2844 have changed over time, its intent remains the same: to stigmatize and suppress protected political speech, especially advocacy for Palestinian human rights through the nonviolent tactics of boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Stop this attack on Californians’ free speech. Veto AB 2844.


Sign the petition here:

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Posted by uscsjp on July 29, 2016

The Gaza 5K is an annual walk/run hosted by UNRWA USA. This event raises funds for UNRWA’s Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) to support thousands of refugee children in Gaza affected by PTSD and other psychological trauma.


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TOMORROW: Protest RE/MAX in Venice Beach

Posted by uscsjp on July 12, 2016


Join Jodie Evans and the LA CODEPINK team to protest RE/MAX’s selling homes on stolen Palestinian land.

When: Wednesday, July 13 12:00-1:00 PM

Where: RE/MAX Venice Beach: 155 W Washington Blvd, Venice Beach, CA 90292

Join CODEPINK to protest at the Venice Beach RE/MAX office to demand that RE/MAX completely cease their involvement in Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. The Presbyterian General Assembly recently passed an overture calling on RE/MAX to stop selling homes in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Just prior to the assembly, RE/MAX LLC made a statement admitting that settlement sales are problematic. Now we are asking them to act on that statement and completely extricate themselves from Israel’s settlements enterprise.

Learn more about the Remodel RE/MAX campaign to get RE/MAX to stop selling homes on stolen Palestinian land and sign the letter to RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger.

We look forward to seeing you there!

In peace,

Baheya, Chelsea, Jodie, Mariana, Patricia, Rodas, Sam, Susan and the entire CODEPINK team

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Palestinian Kids Are A Miracle Too. Santana, Cancel Your Tel Aviv Concert!

Posted by uscsjp on June 29, 2016

by Ramah Kudaimi
June 29th, 2016

Musician Carlos Santana is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on July 30. Santana is committed to the welfare of children and founded the Milagro Foundation in 1998, whose name means miracle and was inspired by the image of children as divine miracles of light and hope. On June 28, staff at the foundation’s office refused to open the door when a delegation, including local Palestinian families with children, attempted to deliver a petition signed by 25,000 people urging him to cancel.

In 2010 Santana honored the call from Palestinian civil society for cultural boycott and cancelled a planned concert. Join the efforts to calling on him to respect the boycott call once again!

Watch and share this powerful video urging him to stand on the right side of history.


Post these memes on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social networks. Use #BelieveInMiracles.

There are also sample tweets included, which you can automatically tweet by clicking on them. The messages can also be posted on his Facebook page.

More Sample Tweets:

– See more at:

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Posted by uscsjp on June 17, 2016

There’s a debate raging within the Democratic Party Platform Committee about its position on Palestine. Traditionally, thanks to AIPAC, the platform has showed unconditional support for Israel.But now times are changing: there’s a possibility of getting the platform to recognize the human rights of Palestinians!

Join us to call on Rep. Elijah Cummings, head of the Democratic Party Platform Committee, and Barbara Lee to include language that:

  • supports Palestinian rights;

  • calls for an end to the occupation;

  • affirms our right to boycott Israeli products!

Please sign:


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100% of funds going straight to Gaza! Share your Ramadan across borders

Posted by uscsjp on June 10, 2016

100% of donations to UNRWA’s Ramadan campaign will go directly to Gaza.

Where others have failed, UNRWA invests in creating countless opportunities for Palestine refugees, empowering them with the skills they need to persevere. And with your help, we can do even more.

Ramadan is a time to give thanks for what we have, contemplate how to better ourselves, and help those who are less fortunate. Whether you observe or not, your tax-deductible gift of $120 will provide a family in Gaza with enough flour, sugar, olive oil, meat, lentils, chickpeas, and other essential food items to get them through the month.

The sooner you give, the sooner we can act. Donate and help bring joy to their table this month.

There is also a conversation happening on Twitter and Instagram:  #ramadanacrossborders

You don’t have to celebrate Ramadan to participate in this conversation. Holidays, family, and separation are universal themes. Many of us have family and loved ones across borders, whether those are state lines or international.

So join the #ramadanacrossborders exchange: 

  1. Share your stories of what it’s like to celebrate holidays (Ramadan is just one example) with loved ones who aren’t in the same geographical place. Can you imagine Christmas without family ten years in a row?
  2. If you are Muslim, share what Ramadan looks like for you. We’re talkingsuhoor and iftar photos, gatherings with families and friends, or even community events.

Palestine refugees in Gaza and elsewhere in the world will do the same, creating an exchange across borders. We can’t wait to see what you have to say.


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Register Now – Journey for Justice in Palestine: 16 – 24 July 2016

Posted by uscsjp on June 6, 2016

Registration Deadline is End of June

Journey for Justice 2016

16 (arrival)- 24 (departure) July – Palestine

JFJ 2016Inv

Journey for Justice 2016 – Palestine

16 (arrival) – 24 (departure) July

17 – 30 years old youth from all over the world are invited to join.

Read more for background information, proposed schedule, and registration procedures. Register online NOW.

You may spread the invitation to your youth friends, members, groups and networks…etc.

Read more about the Journey for Justice and last years’ journies.

Meet and live with Palestinian youth, experience their life under occupation, gain very well understanding of the conflict, have geopolitical and culture exposure, visit historic and religious sites in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Hebron, and Jericho.

Youtube | Facebok group | Olive Tree Campaign Facebook page | Twitter |

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US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation Commemorates Al Nakba

Posted by uscsjp on May 15, 2016

As Palestinians Mark 68 Years of Nakba, We Must Step Up Our Work

Dear Omar,

Today Palestinians worldwide commemorate the Nakba, the catastrophe, when more than 750,000 Palestinians were deliberately expelled from their homes by Zionist forces to create the state of Israel. There are now more than seven million Palestinian refugees waiting to return to their homeland, unable to do so because Israel refuses to honor their right of return.

Enough Nakba

While we commemorate the events of 1948, it is important to understand that the Nakba is not a onetime event andimpacts Palestinians everywhere on a daily basis. Palestinian refugees in Gaza, where 70% of the population are refugees, and Syria, where more than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed by bombardment from the Syrian regime, face constant military assaults.Ethnic cleansing in historic Palestine continues. In 2015 alone, 221,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced as Israel pursues its colonization project.

Below are some resources about the Nakba and the importance of thePalestinian right of return for establishing a just and lasting peace. Please use them in your organizing for Palestinian rights.

Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians, 1876-1948 from the Institute for Palestine Studies.

The Making of Israel, a new interactive map produced by Visualizing Palestine that animates 68 years of Nakba and 143 years of colonization.

Videos to watch and shareMaximum Land with Minimum Palestinians from the BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights; Nakba by the Numbers from the Institute for Middle East Understanding; Najawa: A Story of Palestinefrom Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel; and Chronicles of a Refugee, a six-part series produced in 2008 looking at the plight of Palestinian refugees all over the world.

Post this graphic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks.

Follow #Nakba#Nakba68, and #NakbaDay on Twitter for more articles, pictures, and videos.

We must step up our work in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. And there is something you can do right now!

The United Methodist Church General Conference is happening now in Portland, OR and US Campaign member group United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) is pushing for several divestment resolutions that will end the church’s involvement in the occupation. UMKR needs you to help launch a social media storm to show the church that support for Palestinian rights and divestment is widespread!

If you are on Facebook, like UMKR’s page and share their updates.

If you are on Twitter, tweet your support using #UMCGC. Follow and retweet tweets from @UMKairosResp@fosnalive, and #KairosGC2016. These accounts will also let you know when you can watch live stream of the resolutions being discussed and voted on.

You can also click on the tweets below to post them automatically. Each tweet includes a link to more information.

Help the Methodists become the latest church body to divest from occupation and apartheid to bring us one step closer to ending the Nakba.

Ramah Kudaimi


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