USC Students for Justice in Palestine

history, analysis, news, and event updates on the struggle for justice in palestine

About SJP at USC


We are a campus organization at the University of Southern California founded in 2003 with the goal of advocating for the cause of justice in Palestine and around the world.

BLOG EDITOR: Omar Hussein (






16 Responses to “About SJP at USC”

  1. firstknowledge said

    Great site I have added you to Window into Palestine

  2. uscsjp said

    Thanks for the comment. Hope you keep enjoying our site!

  3. Yasmin Bhuj said

    Where can i find out about the events that will be held next week as part of middle east awareness week ?

  4. uscsjp said

    Hi, Yasmin, thanks for your interest in USC-SJP. I’ve just posted the Middle East Week schedule on the front page of this site, and will also email you a copy. If you’d like to consistently get our updates, please sign up for our yahoogroup (click the link above).

  5. lancethruster said

    Your events for Middle East Awareness Week were quite informative as well as entertaining.

    I also have a recommendation for a web site to add to your blogroll. It is called “Palestinian Mothers” The website owner, poet Iqbal Tamimi, is particulary interested in hearing from those in the states.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. More power to you! Great site and it’s good to see something like this in my “backyard.” 🙂 Now, if only all universities could follow suit!


  7. Thomas said

    GREAT site you guys! I am glad to see an organisation such as this on campus at a university here in the states. I am sure there are more, but have not researched them, YET!. TRUTH must be told about the happenings in Gaza and the West Bank. I have looked through your list of blogs and links, and a good one to add I think might be ifamericansknewdotorg. Its focus is on Israel from a critical perspective, but has very accurate statistics on this conflict, especially the second Entifada. Also please google ‘Breaking the Silence’ a group of israeli soldiers facing their consciences of their actions in the IDF. I am sure you there are aware of them. A great site for education of Americans, and to help them see where their tax dollars are going. Keep up the good work!

  8. Zeeshan said

    As an alumunus, I am so impressed by SJP and the courageous faculty members at USC. Keep up the great work.

  9. Rifat-gaza said

    Im Rifat from Gaza

    thank you very much for your great efforts.
    i want to aske if i can be amember or avolunteer with you to help palestine and every one in palestine.
    هin the final level Im Rifat Abd Elaal from gaza im a student in a civil engineering college
    i will be very happy if you accept request to be avolunteer with you.
    with best wishes
    Rifat Abd Elaal

  10. Rifat-gaza said

    My Email

  11. Ehud said

    How long have you all been supporters of terror in buses, markets, cinemas, restaurants, universities, pizzerias and Passover dinners?

  12. Omar said

    Your “USCSJP@YAHOO.COM” address doesn’t work. Is there another way to get in touch with the chapter, or with Omar, Justin, Meher, or Andrea?

    I’m writing because I’m a law student compiling a national contact list of campus SJPs and other divestment and Palestinian rights groups so that we can all be better in touch, exchange information, etc. I wanted to ask if you might be interested in representing USC’s SJP on a national contact list. “representing” would basically mean being listed on a national contact list so that folks from other groups around the country could get in touch with you, and perhaps
    joining a google group where information/resources could be shared/stored.

    If not, perhaps others at USC’s SJP, or at USC generally, might be interested?

    Of course I’d be grateful if you’d put me in touch in the event you might happen to know those who might be.

    Please contact me by email or at (510)926-1130

    • Shahla said

      Like Omar, I’d like a way to contact the SJP. I’m part of a new SJP group and we’d love advice, etc. Also, in the LA area, so would like to know if there are any events going on post-flotilla. Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!

    • Omar said

      Hi Omar and Shahla. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I don’t check this page often. Feel free to email me at I currently maintain and update the site.

      –Omar Hussein
      USC MAT, 20008

  13. Ehud said

    This is the site for those who support terror in markets, buses, cinemas, pizzerias, universities, airports and Passover dinners.

  14. Nadeem said

    Where can donate to your cause. Keep up the good work.

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