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East Jerusalem YMCA: No to Explusion

Posted by uscsjp on July 23, 2015

No to Expulsion of Residents of Khirbet Susiya  JAI Logo NL
 Palestine 23 July 2015

call 23july2015

               “Love Your Naghbour”

340 residents including 140 children are about to become homeless once again in the South Hebron Hills. The Israeli High Court of Justice has refused to grant an interim order which means the army can come and destroy at any moment. The village has been partially demolished six times already from 1991-2011. In 1986 Israel declared the site of the original village a national park and forcibly displaced all the village’s 400 residents. The villagers resettled in caves. These caves were destroyed in 2011.

The European Union and the State Department of the US have taken a strong stand against the demolition of Susiya. Forced displacement of Palestinians from their historic homes and villages in the occupied State of Palestine is illegal under international law and must end.

Susiya and its residents are our neighbors. We are asked to take a stand not just in solidarity but because as Dr. Cornell West says “Justice is what love looks like in public.”

Suggested actions:

  • Attend the Israeli High Court on August 3rd for Susiya’s hearing.
  • Connect with elected officials on social media to tell them how you feel about the situation in Susiya.
  • The EAPPI is also calling for action via social media on Twitter and Facebook. Please share these links widely.
  • Contact your elected officials and ours!
    * If you are in the USA, contact your congressperson here.
    * Sign an urgent letter to Secretary of State of John Kerry here.
    * Contact your local Israeli embassy. Please look here for a listing of them.



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