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“Supreme Court: U.S. Passports Must Say ‘Jerusalem,’ Not ‘Israel'” and other headlines from Democracy Now!

Posted by uscsjp on June 9, 2015

Supreme Court: U.S. Passports Must Say “Jerusalem,” Not “Israel”

 In the United States, the Supreme Court has struck down a law which would have let Americans born in Jerusalem list their birthplace as “Israel” on their passports. In a 6-3 decision, the Court ruled the law infringed on the president’s right to make decisions about recognizing foreign nations. While Israel has occupied East Jerusalem since 1967, Palestinians claim it as the capital of any future Palestinian state.

Despite Hundreds of Deaths, U.N. Excludes Israel from List of Countries That Kill Children

 U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has left Israel off a list of countries which kill or injure children during conflicts. The decision defies the recommendation of a U.N. special envoy and follows intense pressure from Israel and the United States. It comes despite the U.N.’s conclusion last summer’s Israeli assault on Gaza killed about 540 Palestinian children, making it the third deadliest conflict for children included in the report, after Afghanistan and Iraq, and ahead of Syria.

Report: Israel Tested Nuclear-Laced “Dirty Bombs” in Desert

Meanwhile a report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reveals Israel recently detonated a series of so-called “dirty bombs” laced with nuclear material, purportedly to test the potential impact of a radioactive attack. The so-called Green Field project involved 20 detonations, most of them in the desert, over four years, ending in 2014.
–Democracy Now!, June 9, 2015

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