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This #givingtuesday, help Palestinians in Gaza!

Posted by uscsjp on December 2, 2014

Heavy rain battered Gaza last week and we were forced to declared an emergency in Gaza City. As you may expect, the whole of Gaza is still reeling from the widespread destruction of the summer’s hostilities. The blockade persists and is making life incredibly difficult for the almost 90,000 who remain homeless.


Among the 90,000 is 26-year-old Felesteen Isdudi, whose home was severely damaged. She’s still living in an UNRWA school serving as a shelter with her seven children, aged 2 months to 9 years old, and her husband Bassan.


Felesteen and her seven children at  the UNRWA’s Collective Centre at Zaitoun Elementary Boys School B.

While Felesteen and Bassan are grateful for adequate shelter, life is difficult, particularly for the children. “Each day, the children have to walk for over 80 minutes on the way to and from school, as we are unable to pay for transportation for them… and in winter this becomes harder – for them and also for me as I am unable to help them,” Bassan said.


UNRWA will provide the Isdudis with a temporary shelter cash allowance so they can rent an apartment until their home is rebuilt. But we need your help. For now, along with nearly 3,000 other displaced persons in the shelter, the family is making the best of a very hard situation. Felesteen explains the winter hardships, “When the children go to sleep, I put them all beside each other to feel some warmth.”


This winter, our goal is to ensure the nearly 90,000 people in Gaza made homeless by the recent conflict can secure alternative shelter. Second, that they, and other  Palestine refugees in need in the West Bank and Syria, receive the help they need to weather the winter storms.

Donate today to give Felesteen’s family warmth and an alternative home. Give:


US$ 24 to reinforce a makeshift home with tarpaulin to protect a family like the Isdudi’s from the wind, rain and snow

US$ 50 to supply the family with a heater

US$ 350 to equip five families, just like Felesteen’s, with blankets

US$ 1350 to provide the a family with alternative shelter for the next six months

Last year’s winter storm Alexa brought torrential rains and widespread flooding that displaced thousands, exacerbating an already precarious humanitarian situation.


Last week’s rains are a hint of what can we expect this winter. Following the destruction in Gaza this summer, and predictions for a harsh winter, we expect this winter to be much harder than the last.


Help Palestine refugees in Gaza #weatherthestorm. Celebrate the spirit of charity this#givingtuesday and give today.



Wishing you a safe and warm winter,

Lionello Boscardi
Chief, Partnerships Division
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)

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