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Samuel Dowell: Take Israel to the ICC, Abbas, or GET OUT of the WAY

Posted by uscsjp on January 8, 2014

It is time for Palestine to Sign the Rome Statute and take Israel to the International Criminal Court.  If it is necessary to be a member state at the U.N. in order to sign the Rome Statute, the UNGA will approve that.  These bogus “Peace Talks” are only used by Israel for propaganda purposes and used to further the occupation. The people must demand that the “Peace Talks” end.  Abbas needs to stop standing in the way and allow Palestine to proceed:


The Palestinian Authority MUST be informed that if they do not take Israel to the International Criminal Court that they will be removed.
Abbas does not speak for Palestine. He cannot sign or agree to any “agreement” for the Palestinians. If he agrees to a U.S. Framework Agreement that gives away Palestinian rights, he is a Traitor.

In May 2012, Abbas told a pro-Israel J-Street delegation that he was afraid that one of the prisoners on a hunger strike might die.

He said, “I am afraid, God forbid, that the security system here will collapse.”

He added: “I told the Israelis: ‘Please, please, please. They have some demands. If you do not respond to them and somebody today or tomorrow dies, it will be very, very disastrous for us.”

“If they help me to get weapons, I’m helping them because I’m promoting security,” Mr. Abbas said of the Israelis.

Mr. Abbas needs to know that if he signs any deal giving Palestinian rights away, his people will eventually put him in prison.
The world must put an end to the Criminal Zionist Occupation. Zionist-controlled Washington’s influence is over.


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