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Revolt in Egypt

Posted by uscsjp on January 28, 2011

Egypt protesters defy curfew despite brutal repression


“CAIRO (IPS) – Tear gas and smoke wafted through the air of the Egyptian capital on Friday as police moved swiftly to disperse anti-government demonstrations throughout the city.

‘The police are using unprecedented brutality against the protesters, which include women and children,’ says Ghada Shahbender, board member of the Egyptian Organization of Human Rights (EOHR).

The government cut all Internet service and mobile lines in Egypt ahead of Friday’s demonstrations, which marked the fourth consecutive day of ‘Day of Anger’ anti-government protests. The communications blackout appears aimed at suppressing protesters from using social networking sites to coordinate their activities or report on clashes with police.

President Hosni Mubarak showed little signs of stepping down after thirty years of rule. Thousands of black-clad riot police occupied major streets, bridges and squares throughout the capital. The army has not yet been deployed…”


—Cam McGrath, The Electronic Intifada, 28 January 2011


Also, watch latest developments live on Al Jazeera



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