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Israel: Flotilla Attack Justified

Posted by uscsjp on July 13, 2010

Israeli Military Probe Says Attack on Gaza Flotilla Was Justified

“An Israeli military probe into Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla has justified the killings of eight Turks and one American citizen on board. The men were killed when Israeli commandos opened fire after raiding the Mavi Marmara in international waters. No Israeli officers were singled out in the report for disciplinary action even though video has emerged that shows Israeli commandos executing a passenger aboard the boat. Retired Israeli Army General Giora Eiland authored the report.

Giora Eiland: ‘In this inquiry we found that there were some professional mistakes regarding both the intelligence and the decision-making process in some of the operational mistakes. But also we did find some…very positive findings and one of them that should be emphasized is the very professional and courageous way that the Israeli commando behaved on this ship because they found themselves in a real, immediate danger to their lives.’

IHH, the Turkish group which organized the flotilla, criticized the report’s conclusions, particularly the claim that the Israeli army was justified in using live ammunition.

Arab-Israeli Faces Five Months in Jail For Sailing on Gaza Flotilla

An Israeli court has sentenced Sheikh Raed Salah to five months in prison for being aboard the Gaza aid flotilla. Salah is an influential leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel…”

–13 July, 2010

California dockworkers reject meeting with Israeli consul

“Two weeks after the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in the San Francisco Bay Area joined with activists at the Port of Oakland to block the unloading of an Israeli Zim Lines cargo ship, the union reaffirmed its support of Palestinian rights despite pressure from the Israeli consulate and the Zionist-Israeli organization Stand With Us.

On 6 July, a group representing the Israeli consulate and Stand With Us attempted to pressure the ILWU Local 10 into withdrawing its protest of Israel’s 31 May attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its condemnation of the Gaza siege and wall in the West Bank. The groups had asked to address the ILWU Local 10’s Executive Board at their regular meeting.

However, the local union members were not easily persuaded, and denied permission for the Israeli delegation to attend their meeting, according to a press release issued by Labor for Palestine (US)..”

–Report, The Electronic Intifada, 9 July 2010

Also from The Electronic Intifada

Boycott, divestment and sanctions in Australia, five years on

The deceptive rhetoric of “Invest for Peace”

Finally, an Interesting Old CounterPunch Piece in Light of the Recent Flotilla Attack

Rockets, Napalm, Torpedoes & Lies

Israel’s Attack on the Liberty, Revisited

“In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters off the coast of Gaza to monitor the progress of Israel’s attack on the Arab states. The Liberty was a lightly armed surveillance ship.

Only hours after the Liberty arrived it was spotted by the Israeli military. The IDF sent out reconnaissance planes to identify the ship. They made eight trips over a period of three hours. The Liberty was flying a large US flag and was easily recognizable as an American vessel.

A few hours later more planes came. These were Israeli Mirage III fighters, armed with rockets and machine guns. As off-duty officers sunbathed on the deck, the fighters opened fire on the defenseless ship with rockets and machine guns.

A few minutes later a second wave of planes streaked overhead, French-built Mystere jets, which not only pelted the ship with gunfire but also with napalm bomblets, coating the deck with the flaming jelly. By now, the Liberty was on fire and dozens were wounded and killed, excluding several of the ship’s top officers…”

–Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch, 24 October, 2003


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