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Successful First Week of IAW at USC!

Posted by uscsjp on April 18, 2010

Fellow Students for Justice in Palestine,

I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that has been put in over the last week by members of SJP and our supporters in other organizations!

The Apartheid Wall on Trousdale was an unprecedented success- hundreds of students stopped by to read about Israel’s policies against the Palestinians and we passed out hundreds of flyers during the two days it was up. Here is the overwhelmingly positive Daily Trojan article:

On Thursday we attempted to protest the Israeli Independence Day Festival on campus by silently holding signs (reading: “Celebrate 62 Years of Ethnic Cleansing” and other similar slogans) and passing out flyers. The president of SCSI reacted by calling 3 DPS vans to come out and force us to leave the perimeter, but luckily this effort was rebuffed after we appealed to USC authorities.

At both of these events, it has become painfully obvious to us that Israel and its supporters are keenly aware of their lack of legitimacy and are becoming more desperate in their attempts to silence us. While we did not react in any way when they protested the Wall earlier in the week, at numerous times they confronted our students (once, for example, an SCSI student yelled at an LGBT-identified SJP student that “he would be hanged” if he went back to his country. Probably one of the first times any of us had ever heard a good LGBT record used to intimidate an LGBT individual…)

But these events remind us of the deep legitimacy and righteousness behind the cause of Palestinian Freedom, and the urgency with which we must pursue it on our campus.

In Solidarity,
alex shams

IAW @ USC Events page here:

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