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Hamas Battles Islamist Group

Posted by uscsjp on August 14, 2009

“Clashes that have left at least 16 people dead in the Gaza Strip have spread from a mosque in the town of Rafah to the nearby home of the leader of al-Jamaa al-Salafiya al-Jihadya in Palestine.

Hamas security forces sieged control of the Ibn Taymiya mosque late on Friday after several hours of heavy clashes, but several of the fighters holed up inside managed to escape.

‘Hamas security and the military wing of Hamas were able to take over the mosque, but in the fighting several fighters loyal to the sheikh and members of his armed group fled to his house,’ Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Rafah, said…

The group seeks a Palestinian legal system based purely on the sharia – Islamic law – and accuses Hamas of being too liberal. The group is said to have threatened to burn down internet cafes and to demand greater modesty on Gaza beaches.

‘We are today proclaiming the creation of an Islamist emirate in the Gaza Strip,’ Musa had told worshippers at a Rafah mosque earlier, according to witnesses.

Musa said that if Hamas were to implement sharia he would immediately instruct his followers to comply with the movement’s instructions…”

Al Jazeera English, 14 August, 2009

Other Recent News from Al Jazeera

Israel troops ‘shot Gaza civilians’

“Israeli soldiers unlawfully shot and killed 11 Palestinian civilians, including four children, who were in groups waving white flags during the Gaza war, a report prepared by the US-based Human Rights Watch says…”

Al Jazeera English, 14 August, 2009

See Also the Latest News from Democracy Now!

“HRW: Israel Killed 11 Palestinian Civilians Waving White Flags in Gaza Assault

In Israel and the Occupied Territories, the group Human Rights Watch says it’s uncovered evidence of Israeli troops shooting dead at least eleven Palestinian civilians waving white flags during the US-backed attack on the Gaza Strip last January. Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch said most of the victims were women and children.

Joe Stork: ‘These are incidents in which eleven Palestinian civilians, nine of them children and women, were killed, despite the fact that they were holding or waving white flags to signify that they were civilians, they were unarmed, they had no hostile intent. But still, Israeli soldiers, in many cases after calling them out of their homes, shot them.’

In a homemade video, Gaza resident Khalid Abed Rabbo described the shooting death of his two young daughters.

Khalid Abed Rabbo: ‘When the soldiers arrived outside our house, they yelled for us to come outside. My wife, mother, three daughters and I went outside. We were holding cloths, because we are a peaceful family. I thought that the soldiers would realize that they were looking at women and children.’

Abed Rabbo’s three-year-old daughter and the children’s grandmother were also wounded in the shooting. The girls’ mother also witnessed the attack.

Umm Soad Abed Rabbo: ‘Right in front of me, they shot my eldest daughter. Then they shot the little one, Amal, and then Samar, who was in front of her. When we ran inside, they shot their elderly grandmother who can hardly walk’…”

–Democracy Now!, 14 August, 2009

And from The Electronic Intifada:

Gaza play highlights difficulties for artists under siege

‘Don’t people in Gaza love to see films like people anywhere?’ aspiring filmmaker Hossam Abdel Latif asks. His wife, the more practical Souad, retorts, ‘Someone who can’t afford to eat is going to go to the cinema?’

The question of the arts in times of siege and occupation is one of the main themes in Gaza’s newest theatre production, Film Cinema, which opened on 4 August in Gaza City. A stage buried in film negatives, and adorned with a lone plump teddy bear, sets the scene of the three-person play.

‘I’m Hossam Abdel Latif, and I want to make a film,’ the would-be film director repeatedly begins, facing his running video camera, only to be repeatedly interrupted…”

Eva Bartlett, The Electronic Intifada, 12 August 2009


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