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Gaza “A Land of Ruins”

Posted by uscsjp on April 9, 2009

Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza from Democracy Now!

“Democracy Now! producer Anjali Kamat files a report on the state of the Gazan economy, where unemployment and poverty rates are among the highest in the world. Despite international pledges of over $5.2 billion to rebuild Gaza, in the four months since Israel’s assault the siege has not been lifted and only one truck carrying cement and other construction materials has been allowed entry into the Gaza Strip…”

Democracy Now!, 6 April, 2009

Also from Democracy Now!

Noam Chomsky on US Expansion of Afghan Occupation, the Uses of NATO, and What Obama Should Do in Israel-Palestine

–Democracy Now!, 3 April, 2009

Canadian Judge Upholds Government Decision to Bar British MP George Galloway on National Security Grounds

–Democracy Now!, 1 April, 2009

And from the US Campaign To End the Israeli Occupation:

“Last week Motorola Israel, Ltd. sold its Government Electronics Department to Israeli military contractor Aeronautics Defense Systems.  This means that Motorola will no longer be selling bomb fuses to the Israeli military.  The first demand of our boycott has been met!

While this first victory is sweet, it’s far from the end of Hang Up On Motorola!  Motorola Israel (which is wholly owned by Motorola USA) still produces a number of products that support Israel’s military occupation and entrench its apartheid system in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.  Support Hang Up On Motorola now and ensure that we will stay steadfast until Motorola stops profiting from Israel’s human rights abuses and violations of international law…”

–US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, 6 April, 2009

And Finally, The Guardian’s Gaza War Crimes Investigation Page:


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