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Continued Bombardment brings a “Bloody New Year” in Gaza

Posted by uscsjp on January 2, 2009

Rallying in support of Gaza

“AS THE news spread that the Israeli government had begun raining bombs on the people of Gaza December 27, tens of thousands of people around the world surged into the streets in the hours and days that followed to speak out in support of the Palestinian victims of this onslaught…”

–Socialist Worker, 2 Jan, 2009

Follow The Electronic Intifada’s ongoing coverage of the siege of Gaza (including the latest updates from Al Jazeera):


Hezbollah urges Egypt to open Rafah crossing as Gaza under intensive Israeli offensive

“BEIRUT, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — Hasan Nasrallah, chief of Lebanon’s Shiite group Hezbollah, on Sunday urged Egypt to open Rafah crossing to allow food, water, medicine and weapons to reach Gaza where has been under intensive Israeli offensive, Al-Manar TV reported.

‘The Egyptian people should take the streets in millions to force the regime to open the crossings,’ Nasrallah was quoted as saying…”

–Xinhua News Agency, 29 Dec, 2008

More background from Democracy Now!:

Israeli Attacks Kill Over 310 in Gaza in One of Israel’s Bloodiest Attacks on Palestinians Since 1948

“Amidst worldwide protests, Israel is continuing its bombing campaign against Gaza for the third consecutive day and preparing to launch a possible ground invasion. Following months of a crippling blockade, this has been described as one of Israel’s bloodiest attacks on Palestinians since 1948…”

–Democracy Now!, 29 Dec, 2008


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