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Renewed Punishment of Gaza

Posted by uscsjp on November 18, 2008

Relatives mourn for Hamas militants killed last week in the southern Gaza Strip (LA Times).

Relatives mourn for Hamas members killed last week in the southern Gaza Strip (LA Times).

Israel sends tanks into Gaza

“Jerusalem Israeli tanks entered the southern Gaza Strip yesterday, drawing mortar fire from Palestinian militants and undermining a tenuous truce. The tanks, backed by a bulldozer, drove 500 metres into the strip and levelled earth near Rafah, Gaza’s southeastern border crossing with Egypt. Israel said that the operation was mounted to uncover explosives, while the Palestinians accused Israel of trying to increase violence. The latest fighting began two weeks ago and there is now a near-daily cycle of mortar attacks on southern Israeli towns and Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. At least 17 Palestinians have died, and several Israelis have been wounded..”

November 19, 2008

Foreign Reporters’ Group Fights Israeli Prohibition on Entering Gaza

“An association representing international news organizations is campaigning for an end to an unusual Israeli policy barring foreign reporters from entering Gaza that has lasted for almost two weeks… Mr. Dror added that he was not ‘shedding tears’ over the journalists’ frustration. He said that Israel, in any case, considered much of their previous coverage from Gaza unfair…”

–New York Times, November 18, 2008

UN condemns Israel for Gaza closure

“The United Nations has criticised Israel’s closure of the Gaza crossings as a ‘direct contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law’.

The charge by Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, came as Israel moved to re-seal the crossings into the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a day after allowing trucks carrying aid into the besieged coastal territory.

‘It must end now,’ Pillay said in a statement released in Geneva on Tuesday.

‘Only a full lifting of the blockade followed by a strong humanitarian response will be adequate to relieve the massive humanitarian suffering evident in Gaza today’…”

–Al Jazeera English, November 18, 2008

See also:

Gaza flare-up threatens truce

“…Clashes began on November 4 when Israeli forces killed six Hamas fighters in a raid to destroy a secret supply tunnel.

Israeli troops shot dead four Hamas gunmen in a further incursion on Wednesday, and Hamas responded with more rocket and mortar attacks, ratcheting up tensions in what Ayman Taha, a Hamas spokesman, called a ‘dangerous escalation’.

Short of fuel, Palestinian officials shut down Gaza’s sole power plant on Thursday, causing partial blackouts in Gaza City…”

–Al Jazeera English, November 15, 2008

Israel executes four in Gaza; siege affects access to drinking water

“The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continued to seal off the Gaza Strip for the eleventh day in a row, in an escalation of the collective punishment of Gaza’s population imposed since 2000. The IOF resumed its military attacks and killed four Palestinians this morning in an air strike in east Gaza.

The humanitarian conditions have quickly deteriorated in the Gaza Strip as Israel’s tight siege has affected all aspects of Palestinians’ lives and violated their human rights, which are protected by international human rights and international humanitarian law.

Gaza’s power plant has suspended its work for the third day in a row due to lack of fuel necessary to run it. Hospitals and clinics are greatly affected. Not only do they suffer from suspension of surgery sections and intensive care unis, but also from the damage to vaccines and serums that are preserved in refrigerators. Moreover, tens of thousands of Palestinians suffer from a severe shortage of drinking water, especially those who live in tall buildings and have no access to water even when municipalities manage to pump water to their area…”

Press release, Al Mezan, 16 November 2008

Israel-Gaza border clash kills 4 Palestinians

“Reporting from Gaza City and Jerusalem — A 5-month-old truce along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip came under new strain Wednesday after an armed clash there, the second in just over a week, left four Palestinian gunmen dead.

The fighting raised the possibility that the truce will break down or will not be renewed when it expires next month, bringing a new round of heavy fighting in the region as the United States and Israel change administrations…”

–LA Times, November 13, 2008,0,5211937.story?track=rss


3 Responses to “Renewed Punishment of Gaza”

  1. Stop the Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza
    The whole world watches as the Palestinians in Gaza are being massacred. The justification for watching the slaughter is that Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks on Israelis. But what of Palestine’s right to defend itself against further incursion by Israeli tactics? The massacres of non-combatant women, children, aid workers, medical staff, United Nation refuge workers etc. are excused away as inevitable and acceptable casualties of war.

    If all the nations of the world were to apply these justifications for their military actions, the whole world would become lawless, unsafe and barbaric. It would be a world ruled by bullies. The strongest would dominate and dictate to the rest of the world.

    The footprints of the ongoing slaughter in Gaza are all too obvious. America attacks by bombing incessantly and obliterating their opponent’s civilian infrastructure before sending in their invading forces. The Clinton administration did this in Yugoslavia and Bush has done it in Iraq. Today’s Israeli invasion of Gaza follows the American military strategy.

    One might ask why a small nation like Israel would dare to defy the Secretary General of the United Nations and almost all civilized nations on the planet by continuing the slaughter. The obvious answer is that Israel has the support of America in this activity. That is, Israel dares its massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza because the Bush administration condones and/or has orchestrated it. But, does Israel have the same support from President-elect Barack Obama?

    Obama’s silence on the issue of the slaughter can be construed as tacit approval of the Bush policy. Today, he has finally spoken out and was reported in the Guardian News and Media Limited to have said:

    The loss of civilian life in Gaza and Israel is a source of deep concern to me, and after January 20, I’m going to have plenty to say about the issue.
    Is the issue of ongoing killing of innocent civilians not pressing enough to speak out now? Is this because the lives of the goyim are being taken at a ratio of 100 for each Israeli killed? The casualties on both sides are not acceptable! They need to be stopped now! Were 100 Israelis dying for each Palestinian killed, what would Obama’s response be?

    Many of the Arab leaders are maintaining silence about the Israeli targeting of schools, hospitals and UN refuge centres as they slaughter Palestinian civilians in Gaza. This massacre cannot go on. Cowardice will not be rewarded. The quiet ones are slaves to their bully masters. Their nations could be the next targets of Israeli/American aggression, or that of other nations. Hamas leaders have now declared that it is open warfare on Israeli schools, hospitals and refuge points. Whilst it is understandable for Hamas to feel that way, it would be wholly unacceptable for them to carry out their warfare in that manner just because the Israelis have. Then their behaviour would be the same as Israel’s. This war has terrorized the civilians on both sides – it must stop now!

    Those responsible for destroying Iraq and spilling blood are now rewarding themselves with the highest civilian honour that can be bestowed by the American government. This just proves yet again that to the victors go the spoils. After Yugoslavia was destroyed by the West, Milosovich, who must have believed that he was trying to defend his own country, was being tried as a war criminal when he conveniently died in a Western prison. Saddam Hussein was tried, convicted and gruesomely executed for being a war criminal. Hussein must have also believed that he was defending his country. Were the vanquished to have been the victors, would Blair, Howard and Bush be tried, convicted and executed for war crimes?

    The media has been silenced on the Gaza war. Israel has denied foreign journalists access to the war zone. The New York Times has expressed its concern over this, but Ethan Bronner’s January 7, 2009 article, “Israel Puts Media Clamp on Gaza,” has clearly been restricted. Reading between the lines, he is declaring that Israel is antagonistic to free speech and the Western press. One Australian journalist for the Seven Television Network claimed that things are so horrendous in Gaza that he would not show pictures or discuss the horrific scenes that he had witnessed.

    The BBC has reported that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally stated:

    This is a humanitarian crisis. This is the darkest moment yet for the Middle East and it affects the whole of the world.
    How could it have taken Brown so long to speak out? How could it take Obama so long to object?

    Whilst Obama could be viewed as only tacitly complicit in the massacre, this excuse is obscene. Obama is actively responsible for what is occurring. He has spoken publicly on many other issues, yet remained silent on the Gaza slaughter, claiming there is only one president at a time. His latest stance of wait until “after January 20” is even more appalling than his prior silence. In effect, he is saying that the massacre can continue for two more weeks! It can wait because the humanitarian crisis is not important enough to worry about now!

    However, Obama has not only tacitly condoned Bush’s approval of the slaughter, he is very actively involved, because Obama has selected Robert Gates as his proposed Secretary of Defence. Gates is Bush’s Secretary of Defence! Bush and Obama are of opposing political parties! To realize the absurdity of this, imagine the outrage if Gordon Brown removed Labour member John Hutton from Secretary of State for Defence from his Labour cabinet and appointed Tory Leader David Cameron to the post! By choosing the opposition party’s Secretary of Defence, Obama is proclaiming that there is not a single Democrat suitable for taking the position, and therefore he must take the opposition’s choice to fill this cabinet position. This means not only does he approve of Bush’s war policies, but that he also intends to continue along the lines of his predecessor.

    The growing anger directed at Israel for this ongoing massacre is boiling over. Since there are no strong stances being taken by world leaders to stop this incursion, one shudders to think at the escalation this is inviting. Fury is mounting against Israel, which is putting innocent civilians in Israel and around the world in severe danger.

    The political hypocrisy is exposed to the world.

    The mounting suffering must stop now!

    W.B.W. Light-Rider
    January 7th, 2009

  2. it is really drastic attack on palestenian muslim brothers.palestenian people are innocent..allah is watching eveything and allah will teach a lesson to those who are against humanity and islam.

  3. this is to all the muslims of the world ..whether any muslim be a sunny,sial…be like brothers because enemies are taking advantage of fight between muslims itself…plz be united and fight againts terrorism caused by enemies who are against islam bcoz they are kafir.

    we all muslim beleive in allah and allah is our al-mighty god and allah knows every thing,allah has all the powers ..all muslims plz obey allah and his messenger hazrat muhammed sallallahu allaihiwasallam…all palestenian muslim brothers plz offer five time namaz and ask help from allah.
    even though our enemies have modern ammunitions do not fear, if allah is with us then no enemy can even touch our hair…allah will help those who are true muslims….not munafiq or kafir

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