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Electronic Intifada: Paul McCartney Israel Tour and Other Recent News

Posted by uscsjp on September 24, 2008

Israeli soldiers patrol the Old City of Hebron in the southern West Bank, September 2008. (Mamoun Wazwaz/MaanImages)

Live and let die

Imagine John Lennon is still alive and touring, and is asked to play Tel Aviv as Israel celebrates turning 60. Picture him publicly telling the Israelis where to stick their offer. Instead, he chooses to play Bethlehem to mark 60 years of dispossession of the Palestinian people. While the world’s press cover the gig, a few hundred locals turn out, bemused to see the old bespectacled former Beatle on stage in a kuffiyeh performing ‘Power to the People,’ ‘Happy Xmas (War is over),’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance.’ Millions of people in the West get a rare dose of invective from a celebrity about the catalogue of crimes being perpetrated with impunity by one of our allies. ‘Instant Karma’s gonna get you, Israel,’ he wails!

Paul McCartney, on the other hand, will be giving the first performance by a Beatle in Tel Aviv on 25 September — receiving an alleged $4.3 million — despite efforts by various groups in Palestine and internationally calling on him to boycott Israel, including the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Barrie Marshall, from Marshall Arts, a company representing Sir Paul, has replied to such concerns by saying: ‘[P]lease rest assured that Paul’s ‘Friendship First’ concert is about his music and its inherent message of friendship…”

–William Parry, The Electronic Intifada, 22 September 2008

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