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Posted by uscsjp on August 25, 2008

Israeli soldiers guard Jewish settlers at an evacuated Israeli military camp at the edge of Beit Sahour near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, August 2008. Settlers intend to build a settlement on the site where Palestinians planned to build a hospital. (Luay Sababa/MaanImages; posted on The Electronic Intifada)

Creating a fact on the ground

Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, 25 August 2008

“Yehudit Genud hardly feels she is on the frontier of Israel’s settlement project, although the huddle of mobile homes on a wind-swept West Bank hilltop she calls home is controversial even by Israeli standards.

Despite the size and isolation of Migron, a settlement of about 45 religious families on a ridge next to the Palestinian city of Ramallah, Genud’s job as a social worker in West Jerusalem is a 25-minute drive away on a well-paved road.

Genud, 28, pregnant with her first child, points out that Migron has parks, children’s playgrounds, a kindergarten, a daycare center and a synagogue, all paid for by the government — even if the buildings are enclosed by a razor-wire fence, and her husband, Roni, has to put in overtime as the settlement’s security guard.

From her trailer, she also has panoramic views not only of Ramallah but of the many communities hugging the slopes that gently fall away to the Jordan Valley.

Long-established Palestinian villages are instantly identifiable by their homes’ flat roofs and the prominence of the tall minarets of the local mosques. Interspersed among them, however, are a growing number of much newer, fortified communities of luxury villas topped by distinctive red-tiled roofs.

These are the Jewish settlements that now form an almost complete ring around Palestinian East Jerusalem, cutting it off from the rest of the West Bank and destroying any hope that the city will one day become the capital of a Palestinian state.

‘These settlements are supposed to be the nail in the coffin of any future peace agreement with the Palestinians,’ said Dror Etkes, a veteran observer of the settlements who works for the Israeli human rights group Yesh Din. ‘Their purpose is to make a Palestinian state unviable’…”

Other recent updates from EI:

EI study refutes CAMERA media bias accusation
Shervan Sardar, The Electronic Intifada, 18 August 2008

“The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) is a media monitoring organization with a large database of supporters known for its staunch support for Israeli policies and its ability to influence media coverage. While CAMERA claims to be objective and interested in holding the media accountable to its own ‘self-professed standards,’ [1] the terminology and views of the organization are largely consistent with those of the Israeli government itself. [2]…”

Fulbright or McCarthy for Palestinian students?
Fidaa Abed, The Electronic Intifada, 17 August 2008

“Last week, I landed in Washington, DC, brimming with optimism. Upon arrival, I was whisked into a separate room. An American official informed me that he had just received information about me that he could not reveal. However, it required him to put me on the next plane home. I was shocked. And I was taken aback at the cruelty of snatching away my educational dreams at the last possible moment…”
Unity has ensured low HIV and AIDS infection rates
Mel Frykberg, The Electronic Intifada, 12 August 2008

“EAST JERUSALEM, West Bank (IPS) – Palestinians from all ranks of society have pulled together to tackle the issue of AIDS, despite the increasing factional violence and chaos in the Palestinian territories…”

Tel Aviv to Tbilisi: Israel’s role in the Russia-Georgia war
Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 12 August 2008

“From the moment Georgia launched a surprise attack on the tiny breakaway region of South Ossetia last week, prompting a fierce Russian counterattack, Israel has been trying to distance itself from the conflict. This is understandable: with Georgian forces on the retreat, large numbers of civilians killed and injured, and Russia’s fury unabated, Israel’s deep involvement is severely embarrassing…”


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