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The Independent: Candidate who wants Olmert’s job once ‘sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day’

Posted by uscsjp on August 5, 2008

“A leading candidate to be Israel’s next premier called for a death toll of 70 Palestinians a day when he was head of the military during the second intifada, according to a best-selling book by two Israeli journalists.

The account of a briefing given in May 2001 to senior West Bank army commanders reinforces the image of hawkishness enjoyed by Shaul Mofaz. He has emerged as the main rival to the Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, for the leadership of the Kadima party being vacated by Ehud Olmert. Mr Mofaz is expected to stress his security credentials as a former chief of staff and defence minister in his campaign to defeat Ms Livni, the most popular among the Israeli public of the candidates to succeed Mr Olmert as party leader.

According to the book Boomerang, by Ofer Shelah, of Yedhiot Ahronot, and Raviv Drucker, of Channel Ten, Mr Mofaz convened a meeting of brigade and regimental commanders covering the occupied West Bank at Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill. It occurred early in the premiership of Ariel Sharon when the intifada was well under way…”

–Donald Macintyre, The Independent, August 1, 2008

Also from The Independent:

‘Tell us who the terrorists are if you want the doctor’

“Seriously ill Palestinian patients are being pressured to collaborate with Israeli intelligence by informing on militant and other activities in return for being allowed out of Gaza for medical treatment a report says today…”

–Donald Macintyre, The Independent, August 4, 2008


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