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Democracy Now Interview: Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Omer

Posted by uscsjp on July 7, 2008

“AMY GOODMAN: We turn now to award-winning Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer. The twenty-four-year-old journalist and photographer from Gaza was physically and psychologically abused by Israeli security officials late last month. He is a correspondent for the Inter Press Service, was on his way back home after receiving the prestigious Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in London.

Mohammed Omer says he was interrogated, strip-searched and beaten by eight armed Shin Bet officials. He was hospitalized for a week after the ordeal. The Shin Bet security service issued a response, saying Omer ‘received decent treatment and no extraordinary measures were taken against him.’

At twenty-four, Omer has seen most of his family killed or wounded. He is the youngest winner of the Martha Gellhorn award, named after the famous US war correspondent, given to journalists who expose establishment propaganda. His award citation reads, ‘Every day, he reports from a war zone, where he is also a prisoner. His homeland, Gaza, is surrounded, starved, attacked, forgotten. He is a profoundly humane witness to one of the great injustices of our time. He is the voice of the voiceless.’

Mohammed Omer joins me right now on the phone from Gaza. Welcome to Democracy Now!…”

–Democracy Now, July 7, 2008

Also, John Pilger’s editorial on Mohammed Omer’s recent brutal detainment by Shin Bet:


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