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Remembering the Nakba, 60 years later

Posted by uscsjp on May 16, 2008

 Handuma Rashid Najja Wishah spends as much time as she can in her garden in Gaza, maintaining her “intimate love of the land.”

“…The Haganah militia entered Beit Affa in the summer of 1948. ‘They arrived at 1:00 am’ Handuma recalls, ‘and started to kill our people. I saw my husband’s cousin axed to death, and an elderly woman being murdered. We hid in our homes, and the killing continued until 7:00 am. Then the Haganah broke down the front doors of our houses and told us all to get out. They separated us, women from men, and then they took the men and blindfolded them, tied their hands together, and forced outside into the hot sun.’ The surviving villagers’ lives were saved when Egyptian troops arrived and drove the Haganah out of Beit Affa. ‘But we had to leave our village,’ says Handuma. ‘We were still afraid for our lives — and for the honor of our girls. The land would have to wait for us…’

Report, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, 15 May 2008


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