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Gaza Updates from The Economist and Al Jazeera

Posted by uscsjp on April 7, 2008

From The Economist print edition

“…The fighting in Gaza was the heaviest since Hamas took control last June. The Israeli army said that 90% of those killed were fighters. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza, on the other hand, says that half were unarmed bystanders and a quarter were children. Before the latest round, B’Tselem, an Israeli human-rights group, said Israel had killed around 350 Gazans since June, among them more than 100 civilians and children….”

–Mar 6th 2008 | JERUSALEM
From The Economist print edition


“A senior Hamas member has warned Israel that captured soldier Gilad Shalit will not be released alive if Israel does not release 350 Palestinian prisoners.


‘Hamas refuses to free Gilad Shalit before the release of 350 Palestinian prisoners demanded by Hamas,’ Moussa Abu Marzouk, the deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas…”

–Al Jazeera English

SUNDAY, APRIL 06, 2008
0:04 MECCA TIME, 21:04 GMT


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