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Electronic Intifada: “How Will I Care For My Children?”

Posted by uscsjp on September 10, 2007

Rami Almeghari:

“May God close the eyes of anyone who attempts to shut down the al-Salah charitable society that provides us our living.” So said Halima Abu ‘Isa, a 45-year-old widow and mother of two in reaction to the decision of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to close down 103 Palestinian charities.

The monthly allowance of 900 shekels (US $230) that Abu ‘Isa receives from al-Salah, an Islamic charity with links to Hamas, is the only thing that stands between her and destitution. She lives in a rented house in the central Gaza Strip town of Deir al-Balah and is the sole caretaker of two children since her husband died eleven years ago in a road accident.

“Why do they want to close down these charities that have provided me and so many others with dignity and spared us from begging,” Abu ‘Isa asks. “How will I care for my children and repay my debts if, heaven forbid, they cut off my allowance?” She strongly blames those who have taken this decision.

The Palestinian government in Ramallah, appointed by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas in June, without the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council, issued a decree last month ordering the closure of 103 Palestinian charities alleging financial improprieties. In a 29 August statement, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights condemned the decision as illegal and called “upon the government in Ramallah to rescind this decision that will cut off humanitarian and emergency aid to thousands of Palestinian families…” (full article here)


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