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6+: a women’s art collective

Posted by uscsjp on August 27, 2007


“‘Secrets’ is a self-organized project initiated by the 6+ women’s art collective, in collaboration with eight Palestinian women artists. Over the course of two years, “Secrets” has been a series of cultural and social exchanges, workshops, several publications, and an exhibition which traveled in the Occupied Territories of Palestine and in the US. Most importantly, this project is an attempt to develop cooperation across enormous geographic and cultural distance, to build solidarities in recognition of our deep interconnectedness.

The project began with the efforts of a small group of women artists. Over the course of several years and half a dozen trips to the West Bank, it has gradually developed into a larger collectivity of artists, cultural producers, institutions, educators, journalists, designers, writers, social thinkers who have come together across great differences. They have helped us facilitate the production, transport and exhibition of artwork in the West Bank, navigating the casual brutality of the occupation with grace, intelligence and courage. They have taught us about resistance. They have cast their voices, in support and protest, against the deafening silence. This project owes its existence to the mobilization of their creative energies.”


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