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BBC: Palestinian invents checkpoint socks

Posted by uscsjp on March 21, 2007

Israeli soldiers hold back Palestinians at Hawara checkpoint, Nablus

Palestinians can find themselves waiting for hours at checkpoints

A West Bank woman has developed special socks to help Palestinians suffering from swollen feet as they wait at Israeli military checkpoints. Maram Abdel Latif, from Jenin, spent three years on the design and produced her first prototype in February.

The socks are made from nylon and gel that moulds around wearers’ feet to prevent discomfort, even if they stand for hours, as they sometimes have to.

Ms Latif, 22, says the socks are ideal for pregnant women and the elderly.

The carer at an elderly home says she got the idea after facing long waits at Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank.

The Israel army has erected dozens of permanent checkpoints and roadblocks, severely restricting Palestinian movement in the West Bank and their access to services and employment.

Israel says the travel restrictions are necessary to protect Israeli citizens from militant attacks. (continued)


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