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Inter Press Service: Israel, Iran, U.S. least liked countries

Posted by uscsjp on March 8, 2007

Israeli soldiers prepare land mines before advancing into southern Lebanon, 2 August 2006. Israel’s war on Lebanon this summer contributed to negative perceptions of the state around the world. (MaanImages/Micheal Moore)

WASHINGTON, Mar 6 (IPS) – A majority of people from around the world hold predominantly negative views of Israel, Iran, and the United States, according to a survey of more than 28,000 respondents in 27 countries.

The survey, which was sponsored by the BBC World Service and designed by Globescan and the Washington-based Programme for International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), found that 56 percent and 54 percent of all respondents said they had mainly negative views of Israel and Iran, respectively.

Fifty-one percent and 48 percent said the same about the United States and North Korea, respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, 54 percent said they felt “mainly positive” about both Canada and Japan, while the European Union and France, with a 53 percent and 50 percent “positive” rating, were the next highest among the 12 countries rated in the survey.

“It appears that people around the world tend to look negatively on countries whose profile is marked by the use or pursuit of military power,” said PIPA director Steven Kull.

“This includes Israel and the U.S., who have recently used military force, and North Korea and Iran, who are perceived as trying to develop nuclear weapons,” he said, adding, “Countries that relate to the world primarily through soft power, like Japan, France, and the EU in general, tend to be viewed more positively.” (continued)


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