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Activist Site: College Organizations Supporting the Palestinian Cause

Posted by uscsjp on March 2, 2007

The College Organizations Supporting The Palestinian Cause ( is a newly designed website aiming at the formation of a network of both college and non-college organizations or clubs that support the Palestinian cause, and/or Palestinians, and/or their just rights for freedom, peace and self-determination.

The need for such a website comes from the fact that many organizations and committees that support the Palestinian cause are not fully equipped with the ideas, the tools, and the financial support that enables them to function as they should or as they aim according to what they envision for themselves. (continued)


One Response to “Activist Site: College Organizations Supporting the Palestinian Cause”

  1. Hoffster said

    I’m glad to see this. There are ALOT of anti-palestinian/muslim organizations on US campuses that pretend to be something else in order to be politically correct. Hope to see this network up and running soon.

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