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Citizens for Fair Legislation: US arming Fatah militias to overthrow democratically elected Hamas government

Posted by uscsjp on November 6, 2006

*The Israeli daily, Haaretz is reporting that the Bush administration has been arming and training Fatah militias under the control of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in order to prepare them for a civil war in the Palestinian territories against the democratically elected government.  Please take a moment to write to your representatives and demand that this country stop undermining efforts towards democracy in the Middle East.  Tell your representatives that in light of the horrific violence in Iraq that you are outraged that the U.S. would attempt to bring civil war to the Palestinian territories.

*Also, remind your representatives that the draconian measures that they are taking against the Palestinian government is only serving to punish the Palestinian people for doing precisely what the U.S. demanded of them, holding free elections under occupation.   The United Nations has issued reports stating that the Palestinian territories are in as dire of a situation as sub-Saharan Africa, withholding aid to the Palestinians in order to punish them for not voting for Fatah officials is immoral and a slap in the face to all people who stand for democracy.  Tell your representatives that you are outraged that the U.S. is playing politics with one of the poorest groups of people in the world. (continued… follow this link to send a message to Congress)


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