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BBC: Gazans react to Hamas/Fatah violence

Posted by uscsjp on October 11, 2006

Gazans react to factional violence


Palestinian frustration at financial hardships and political stalemate exploded into violence last weekend. At least 10 people have died since fighting broke out on Sunday between gunmen loyal to the governing Hamas party and the rival Fatah movement.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian civil servants have not received a full monthly salary for more than six months.

Tension is highest in Gaza, where Israeli closures of the border posts leave people trapped.

The BBC News website returns to its panel of Gaza residents to hear their reaction to the unrest and who they think would win the power struggle between Hamas and Fatah.

Fathi Tobail

Gaza City

“I was part of the protest broken up by violence”

Mona Yousef

Near Jabaliya, northern Gaza

“Sunday was a battlefield”

Majeda al-Saqqa

Khan Younis

“The closure of the Gaza Strip is causing the clashes”

Mamoun Abushahla

Gaza City

“We have no real political leadership”


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