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BBC: West Bank settler receives life sentences for murder

Posted by uscsjp on September 28, 2006

Asher Weisgan

The court said Weisgan should be punished for each killing

An Israeli court has handed a Jewish settler four life sentence for killing four Palestinians in the West Bank last year during Israel’s Gaza withdrawal.

Asher Weisgan snatched a gun and shot his victims – who worked at Shilo settlement – in cold blood.

He told investigators his intention had been to provoke Palestinian retaliation which would distract the Israeli army.

Having to quell Palestinian unrest in the West Bank would stop the army from evicting settlers in Gaza, he hoped. . .

Convictions for crimes by settlers in the West Bank are rare, according to Israeli human rights groups. . .

Two weeks before the killing, a Jewish extremist had shot dead four Israeli Arabs on a bus in Shfaram, before he was lynched by angry crowd. (full story)


One Response to “BBC: West Bank settler receives life sentences for murder”

  1. Andre said

    I was there the night it happened, I went with a journalist from the Daily Star (an American) who covered the story. Shilo is just 15-20 minutes from Birzeit University. For some reason the Daily Star has deleted the story from its archives, as well as all of his work he did in Palestine (traveling to Israel/Palestine is illegal under Lebanese law).

    One of the corpses was still there by the time we arrived, shot in his chest and eye. I’ll never forget the image. Or the interview the reporter had with one of the settlers, a middle-aged man from Philadelphia who spoke English the same as I and wore a skull cap, who argued adamently that the Israelis still treated the Palestinians better than anyone else. He was standing no more than 10 feet from the body.

    Andre Castillo

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