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What you can do for Gaza: write to UK Independent

Posted by uscsjp on September 16, 2006

Editor’s note from Rachel’s Words:

The Independent is trying to launch a campaign to bring the world’s attention to what is happening in Gaza – they need strong letters of support and encouragement for this. Otherwise the momentum will not build and grow as it must in the coming days. This is front cover of today’s paper:

Please if you can take a second to write to: and cc to

 09.08.2006 | The Independent

Gaza is being slowly strangled. This small strip of land on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean has been under siege by the Israeli military for three months. Its 1.5 million inhabitants have been subject to more than 270 air strikes, numerous ground raids, and a severe artillery bombardment. Since Gaza’s sole power plant was bombed in June, its people have been forced to survive by candlelight after dark. Hospitals use electric generators to keep essential services running. The strip’s water mains have been destroyed, causing serious supply problems and increasing the risk of disease. Bridges have been bombed and checkpoints closed. No Palestinians are allowed in or out of what has in effect become a prison.


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