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2004 Noam Chomsky Interview on Israel and Apartheid

Posted by uscsjp on September 12, 2006

The notion of a two-state solution did not arise. That is a myth. In the international community it had been virtually uniform since the mid-1970s…The U.S. was against it, Israel was against it, and they remained against it through the Oslo period. In fact the first Israeli official to mention a Palestinian state was Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, the extreme right-wing government. And they mentioned it, but just to ridicule it. They said, “Well, they want to call it a state? Fine, they can call it fried chicken if they want to.” That was the comment. And around the year 1999-2000, the U.S. and Israel started talking about a Palestinian state, then comes the Camp David proposals, which were a Bantustan system…

Apartheid in South Africa meant something different. Apartheid wasn’t [only] Bantustans, apartheid was the arrangement inside South Africa. Bantustans were bad enough, but that was something else, that was caging the population into unviable territories. Like putting Indians in reservations. We don’t call that apartheid. We call it something else. (continued. . .)


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